Meet the RVC Team

Josh Acton, Sr. Pastor of Rancho Vineyard Church in Poway, CA.

Before becoming a Vineyard pastor, he pastored Episcopal and Anglican churches for over 20 years.

Josh is a leader in the healing ministry. In addition to pastoring Rancho Vineyard, Josh is:

  • The Executive Director of Desert Call Ministries, a teaching and conference ministry focused on equipping disciples of Jesus Christ for the ministries of healing and renewal.
  • He is the founder and former Executive Director of the Center for Christian Healing, a Ministry to the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas, TX.
  • He is on the North American Board President for the International Order of St. Luke the Physician (OSL), and is a former Director of Region 7 (Western States) for OSL.
  • He is also Chaplain and Spiritual Director for the San Diego Inland Chapter of OSL.
  • He leads retreats and conferences on healing and spiritual renewal across the country.
  • Josh is author of A Powerful Joy: Lessons in Healing and co-author of Spirit Walk, and recently created the DVD series “The Battle Belongs to the Lord!” Basic Training in Spiritual Warfare.

“For some time I have dreamed of a ministry in which I could come alongside any and all groups who simply want Jesus and Him alone. I think I can most authentically live out my calling by simply being a disciple among disciples, seeking to use any gifts I may have as a pastor to bring others closer to Jesus, regardless of their affiliation or non-affiliation.”


Assistant Pastor, Raffee Jajou

Raffee is married to Gwen, his wife of 15 years an has two children ages 8 & 11.  He became a believer at 13 and called to pastoral ministry at 19.  His passion is helping and equipping people to live from their true identity in Jesus with clear purpose and healthy relationships.  He believes everyone has the potential to know Jesus in practical ways in everyday life.  Born and raised in San Diego, he went to SDSU, then to Vanguard University and received a degree in Biblical Studies.  He co-planted Dwell church in La Mesa 5 years ago and currently coaches college students in Writing part-time.



Sue Barnard, Administration

If you have any questions, or need something done at Rancho Vineyard Church, Sue is the lady to talk to.

Sue was ordained in 1997.  In ministry she has been involved in leadership of several areas including hospitality, women’s ministry, intercessory prayer, teaching, writing curriculum for new comers classes and small groups.   Sue and her husband Bill established and ran the “Perfect Pour Café”, which was an extension of a local church, where people gathered for fellowship and to break bread together.  She was born and raised in South Bend, IN and moved to Escondido in 2012.



Rob Shipps, Pastor for Worship and Music

Rob attended Calvary Chapel’s Maranatha Missions Development in Costa Mesa and was ordained by Calvary Chapel in the late 1970’s. His involvement with Calvary Chapel was “interrupted” by The Holy Spirit so that he found himself more aligned with Vineyard ministry models. Rob began attending Vineyard churches in the mid- 1980’s and was subsequently a partner in planting several churches within the Vineyard and outside of the Vineyard. He frequently operated as a worship pastor within the church and as a worship leader on call. Rob met Josh Acton in 2001, at Saint Timothy’s Episcopal where he was leading worship for bimonthly “contemporary” services. Rob felt an immediate bonding with Josh then, and is excited to be part of Rancho Vineyard with Josh. Rob feels called to the Christian nomads – those who came to the Lord but now feel disconnected to the mainstream church and are looking for something real. Rob’s desire is to walk in the supernatural in a natural way and be a part of the bride that Jesus foresaw when He “endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him”.


Youth Ministry

We have people led to pray for this group and are committed to pray for each youth individually.  Our adult volunteers like to take the youth on outings like hikes, outreach, service activity (build/fix/clean something for someone), etc. when they are here during a Sunday service, leaving after worship and be back by service end.  We also have moms who lead Bible Study, discussions, Lectio Divina and have seen youth tremendously blessed by reading Verse(s) together, meditate and let God speak individually.



Susan Rackley,  Children’s Ministry

Susan wants to share the amazing love of Jesus with every child!  She has a medical background and worked in special education for 10 years.  She and her husband Ivy have four wonderful sons who kept them super busy!  Susan and Ivy are now retired.  They enjoy traveling and love to spend time with their three darling granddaughters.





Therese Wall, Outreach Ministry

Therese is a wife, mother, and grandmother. When Jesus asked the lawyer in the Parable of the Good Samaritan, “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?” the expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.” Jesus  told him, “Go and do likewise.”
As Christians, we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus to each other and the world.  Therese’s desire is to have others come alongside and share His love through different opportunities that present themselves to Rancho Vineyard.  As we serve, we can know that we’re not only serving others sacrificially, but serving Jesus as well.



Carolyn Burns,  Supplementary Ministries

Carolyn is involved in the following ministries at Rancho Vineyard Church – she is the backup administrator, the website tech, the OSL & Intercessory Prayer Ministries leader, the newsletter writer, leads the RVC volunteers, and makes the Communion bread. She started up the Friday lunch Bible Study, is co-convener of the San Diego Inland chapter of OSL and leads OSL healing training.

She is also Director at Desert Call Ministries, and the secretary on the board of Skills for Life Foundation.  She and her husband Tom retired to San Diego in 2000 from the Chicago area where they both worked for a pharmaceutical company, she as an Executive Secretary and Tom as a Clinical Research Monitor.  They love being in San Diego.