Healing prayer is a big part of Rancho Vineyard Church.

The Order of St. Luke is an ecumenical Christian healing ministry devoted to bringing the healing touch of Christ to all who are in need of Him.

Founded in 1932 by the Rev. John Gayner Banks, an Episcopal priest, the North American OSL now has about 7,000 members in the United States and Canada and is affiliated with OSL organizations throughout the world. The ecumenical nature of the Order combines the strengths of   several traditions and expressions to build the Body of Christ.   Initially, the concern of the Order was to restore the Christian healing ministry to the Church.   OSL continues to work to extend the healing ministry beyond weekly prayer or healing services to incorporate it as a full ministry of the Church.

Some objectives of the International OSL:

  1. To expose every member of the Church to a vital contact with the contagion of Christian healing, and to work toward its life-giving power being embraced by all.
  2. To promote the understanding that healing is an ongoing, lifelong process of growth toward the wholeness that God wills for all of His creation. His plan is wholeness for individuals, for the body of Christ, for the nations, and for the creation.
  3. To seek to provide healing services and extended healing ministry in every congregation.
  4. To make healing literature easily available to all people who have need or interest.
  5. To provide an annual healing mission in every major city.
  6. To develop chapters in the Order to accomplish these objectives.

Pastor Josh leads healing conferences and retreats all around the country and is the North American Director for OSL.  To find out more about the Order of St. Luke check out the North American website at:  www.orderofstluke.org


The San Diego Inland Chapter has a strong and growing OSL membership. Currently we have about 10 members. The Chapter meets monthly at the Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church (RBCPC) in Rancho Bernardo under the pastoral direction of Rev. Josh Acton. Our Chapter is composed of Anglican, Presbyterian, Episcopalian and Catholic members. We have a variety of monthly formats. I.E. one month we’ll discuss a well known author such as Agnes Sanford and another month we could view a teaching DVD by Francis or Judith MacNutt from the Christian Healing Ministries in Florida, or watch a teaching by a well-known OSL speaker. We encourage participation and attendance at healing missions throughout the state and nationwide, and hold soaking prayer sessions to help deepen our own healing in the Lord.

It is an exciting and powerful ministry. Many healings have taken place through the prayers of our people and as OSL ministers “…we are there to proclaim again and again that God wants wholeness for all His children. God wants to give wholeness, and He wants His children to seek it and accept it.” “We are called to infect the Church with a passion to see people made whole. We are called to establish and maintain in local congregations an environment which will excite believers to dare to step out into bold service, proclaiming the Good News in the power of the Gospel whereby we might see Jesus lift burdens and bring wholeness to the world for which He died.”

Quotes taken from “A handbook for all members of the Order of St. Luke the Physician.”

If you feel God is leading you into the healing ministry we’d love to have you join us!  There are no lone-rangers. You will have the support of members and pray in teams.


In-depth training and instructions are given for this ministry.

Please contact:  Carolyn Burns, OSL Chapter Co-Convener for the San Diego Inland Chapter