Our Pastor Josh Acton named North American Director for The International Order of St. Luke! 

Rancho Vineyard members are excited about this new venture for Josh.  We are not losing him but sharing him with the Nation!  Our mission church is encompassing this change with open hearts and minds as we seek our Lord for his new direction for us.

Photos of Pastor Josh being ordained into his new position as North American Director for OSL.


 1st photo left to right: Rev. Hugh Bromiley (kneeling), Barbara McBride, Anna Marie Sheffield, Rev. Dr. Jack Sheffield, Pastor Wayne Hiebert, Rusti Acton

What you can expect at RVC

Believing (Worship) You will believe more deeply through worship.

We desire to worship God in a style that is intimate, contemporary, expressive, and life changing. Worship through song is a focal point of our worship experience, so we begin most meetings, large and small, in our church with 20-30 minutes of worship. We also believe that worship has a powerful evangelistic impact on the lives of non-believers.

Befriending (Sharing Christ) You have new friends waiting for you.

We desire to preach the gospel and encourage people to commit their lives to Jesus Christ. We desire to build authentic relationships with people who do not follow Jesus and invite them into our community of faith so they can explore the Christian life. We also desire to demonstrate God’s mercy in our community through acts of kindness such as ministering to the poor and serving in practical ways.

  • Bringing others and including others
  • Servant evangelism
  • Weekend services
  • Small groups
  • Missions
  • Prayer walks

Belonging (Fellowship) You are wanted and you belong.

We desire to a variety of small groups led by lay leaders to provide a place where people can…

  • Gather around the presence of Christ
  • Support one another as a family
  • Reach out in ministry and evangelism to the hurting world
  • Mentor and release new leaders

Blessing (Ministry) You will be a blessing.

Using our time, talents, and treasures to glorify God. We long to bless others, our community and our world. Each has spiritual gifts, skills, talents God will use to bring blessing to others. We desire to see the power of God’s Spirit bring healing and comfort through praying and caring and serving for others.

Pastoral counseling – (our pastor has a Masters degree and is a Certified Pastoral Counselor) Ministries of Christian healing through prayer and the operation of spiritual gifts

Becoming (Discipleship) You will gain wisdom and guidance for living. Learning together how to be like Jesus. Praying for one another. Caring for one another through difficult life events. Studying scripture, learning to apply God’s word in daily life, learning from the rich treasury of classic Christian spirituality, spiritual disciplines for growing Christians.

Expect the Holy Spirit to show up as we worship, and lead us in truth in teaching, and to be ready to do the works of Jesus.